Monday, December 11, 2006

This Is What All Pros in Influence and Persuasion Do.

To reall excel in your attempts to influence and persuade others you really need to do one vital thing.

You really need to ask yourself a couple of question. The answers to these 2 simple questions will lay the foundation for your plan of attack or stategy in your influence or persuasion situation.

These questions are

  1. What do I want to have happen?
  2. How will I know when it has?

Honestly, these are the two very simple, yet very powerful questions.

Ask yourself these before you stat thinking about the persuasion tools and tactics you will be using. With these questions answered you can then start to build up a plan. You can begin to manipulate the situation and you can feel more in control of what you are actually looking to achieve.

A second advantage is that if you have a goal in mind and you keep focused on it. You subconscious mind will start to work towards it. Little opportunities may start to present them selves, ideas will pop into your head, people will come into your life, it's amazing but true, it really does work.

That's all for me today, have a great one,

Jason D
Total Influence And Persuasion

Monday, December 04, 2006

Wouldn't You Like To Know What They Really Think?

Article: Wouldn't You Like To Know What They Really Think?

Today I kick off the first in a series of Influence and Persuasion articles that can be used in a number of situations but are especially effective in an office environment. They are designed to give you a little bit of an extra edge when you want to influence or persuade someone in many situations that are common across every office world.

Setting The Scene

I'm sure you've been in a situation before when you put forward an idea or proposal and you're just not too sure if the people or person you are talking to really like it. This can be used when presenting ideas to your peers or your boss but is really effective if you are the boss and want some feedback from your reports.

People don't always feel comfortable criticising the boss so they don't speak up and you miss out on some potentially valuable feedback. This short series of questions will sort this right out.

Underlying Concept

The concept behind it is simple. You get the person to agree that they like your idea. The word like is key here. The word like says that they think it's good BUT that it could be better. In essence you are using language to influence them into telling you what they really think.

Example 1

You: do you like about that idea as a possible solution to...
Them: I like it, it sound fine to me.
You: Good, well what would it take for it to be even better?

They have admitted that they like the idea. You have asked what would make it even better. This does two things. First is allows you accept that it is good but also admit that there may be room for improvement. Second, it allow them to feel comfortable giving you some extra feedback.

Example 2

You: Do you like the document I've produced to....?
Them: Yes, it's good, I like it.
You: Just for my curiosity, what would you have added to the document? (or how would you have done it differently?)

In example two she may well be telling the truth and really think the document is great; however you have elegantly opened up a chance to allow her to give you some feedback without feeling uncomfortable. Remember you asked for the feedback so don't then go on the defensive if it's not what you want to hear!

So in a nutshell: Ask them for some feedback, let the person respond, then ask in some way how it could be even better.

Cheers for now,

Jason D
Total Influence And Persuasion

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Covert Subliminal Influence by Kevin Hogan


Just a quick note on Kevin Hogan's Covert Subliminal Influence DVD set. I purchased the set about a month ago and haven't really had the time to look at it up until today.

Talking of influence and persuasion I think there is a lot to be said for the quality of Kevin's persuasive ability as I bought it without even reading the description properly. I knew it would be good.

Wow...I must say it really is worth waiting for. I bought Kevin's other set of subliminal DVDs last year and always wanted to know a bit more about the technology behind the flashing images and words. Well it now looks like we are about to find out with the Covert Subliminal Influence DVD set.

I've only watched the first DVD and as usual Kevin captivates the watcher from the moment the DVD starts.

The only downside is that there was an issue with the camera at the end of the DVD so it cuts off before the end and DVD two starts at a different point, so you do miss some information that I feel is important.

However I've contact Kevin's people (A lovely lady call Katie Hogan, who replied within about 15 minutes on a Sunday afternoon - now that's service!) and they have said that Kevin will release a web based video to fill in the gaps some time soon.

I'm looking forward to the other DVDs and will keep you updated as I go along.

I'm currently working as a trainer/business improvement coach and I'm keen to see how I can use some of this stuff in my influence and persuasion efforts.

Cheers for now,


Friday, December 01, 2006

Why Do Casinos Have Horrible Carpets?

In the Casino game they are expert in the art of influence. A casino isn't so much interested in persuading you to change your attitude, deep down you know that long term you will loose money to the house. However they will are very interested and ingenues at influencing you to spend more money.

They know every trick in the book in persuading you to spend as much of your hard earned cash as possible.

- They have tricks to keep you in the casino for as long a time as possible.
- They have tricks to distort your body clock so you loose sense of time.
- They have tricks to make you feel like you are richer than you are so that you spend more money.

And they have many other tricks and tactics that I'll go into in the coming weeks.

However for today I'd like to talk about how casinos use bright garish looking carpets. It's the same for amusement arcades to. They all seem to have they horrible, bright red patterned carpets.

Well the reason is simple. They don't want you to look at the floor, they want you to look at the machines!

As you walk around the casino, particularly the slot machine areas, there are lots of bright flashing lights and loud noise. These are designed to attract you, to take notice of the machines. Then approach it and stick in a few coins.

However after some time you eyes get tired and need a rest. Normally they would be dawn to a area of dull colour that could be used as a "safe haven" (probably all done subconsciously). The ground is normally a good bet, yes?....not in a casino. As soon as you look at the ground it is worse that the machines and your eye want to move of somewhere else and hopefully toward one of these many waiting, flashing slot machines where you can slot in a few more quid.

What chance to we stand if these guys are using the level of influence on us? My attitude it to visit a casino for the experience. It going to cost you £50 or $50 but that is the cost of the experience why fight it. If you do end up having a winning roll then brilliant, if not then you were prepared to spend the money anyway.

That's it for today,

Jason D.
Total Inflence Persuasion