Friday, December 01, 2006

Why Do Casinos Have Horrible Carpets?

In the Casino game they are expert in the art of influence. A casino isn't so much interested in persuading you to change your attitude, deep down you know that long term you will loose money to the house. However they will are very interested and ingenues at influencing you to spend more money.

They know every trick in the book in persuading you to spend as much of your hard earned cash as possible.

- They have tricks to keep you in the casino for as long a time as possible.
- They have tricks to distort your body clock so you loose sense of time.
- They have tricks to make you feel like you are richer than you are so that you spend more money.

And they have many other tricks and tactics that I'll go into in the coming weeks.

However for today I'd like to talk about how casinos use bright garish looking carpets. It's the same for amusement arcades to. They all seem to have they horrible, bright red patterned carpets.

Well the reason is simple. They don't want you to look at the floor, they want you to look at the machines!

As you walk around the casino, particularly the slot machine areas, there are lots of bright flashing lights and loud noise. These are designed to attract you, to take notice of the machines. Then approach it and stick in a few coins.

However after some time you eyes get tired and need a rest. Normally they would be dawn to a area of dull colour that could be used as a "safe haven" (probably all done subconsciously). The ground is normally a good bet, yes?....not in a casino. As soon as you look at the ground it is worse that the machines and your eye want to move of somewhere else and hopefully toward one of these many waiting, flashing slot machines where you can slot in a few more quid.

What chance to we stand if these guys are using the level of influence on us? My attitude it to visit a casino for the experience. It going to cost you £50 or $50 but that is the cost of the experience why fight it. If you do end up having a winning roll then brilliant, if not then you were prepared to spend the money anyway.

That's it for today,

Jason D.
Total Inflence Persuasion

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