Saturday, November 18, 2006

Covert Hypnosis In A Nut Shell

This is an excellent article from the coverthypnosis blog explaining what Covert Hypnosis is.

How to quickly explain covert hypnosis? Let me try this way...

Have you ever really wanted something but knew you mustn't or shouldn't have it?

You ever called a person up when you knew you'd appear too needy if you did it right then?

Have you ever eaten too much when you knew you were on a diet and shouldn't eat at all after a certain time?

Well all of those things happen because we actually have two minds inside our brain -- our analytical conscious mind and action-reaction type subconscious mind. Our analytical mind thinks of the future, our subconscious mid thinks of now.

So when you can consciously tell yourself that you'll have the sandwich tomorrow, your subconscious wants it right NOW. You're hungry now and so you want the sandwich now. This is why it's so difficult to go on a diet -- your conscious' mind "will power" is much weaker than the subconscious desires and drives!OK, so where does covert hypnosis come in here.

You probably saw where I was going with my introduction. Covert hypnosis is a way of communicating directly to the"stronger" subconscious mind and convincing "it" that what you want the person to do is beneficial for them. Once you've succeeded in that the battle is practically over.

There comes a time when you talk to a very stubborn person (a strong will power) --> there you have to also convince the conscious mind (much trickier!), but most of the time all you have to do is to convince the subconscious.When a person understands covert hypnosis, he or she has a giant advantage over the person he or she is talking to. It's very easy to convince the subconscious mind when you learn how to effectively bypass the analytical part of the mind. And that's exactly what can easily be done with covert hypnosis.

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